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Founded in 2017, Shenzhen HiSi Hi-Tech Co. Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xuzhou Handler Special Vehicle Co., Ltd.(stock code 300201), is a COB ultra-fine pitch intelligent display manufacturer and Audio visual system integrated solutionprovider. The company is located in Shenzhen Guangming Area,with nearly 10,000 square meters of high standard dust-free purification workshop and advanced LED encapsulation testing and display product assembly line.


Industry Applications

Smart City

In order to improve the level of city information infrastructure equipment and promote the development of smart industry, cloud computing, 5G era, and IoT industry, HiSi Hi-Tech uses COB ultra-fine pitch display technology to realize the data exchange by basic networks such as communication network, Internet, and IoT etc., and release through the cloud of the intelligent LED system, providing audio-visual solutions for smart city management, smart medical care, intelligent transportation and e-government industries.

Industry Applications

Conference Room

HiSi provides total solutions for various types of conference rooms and education centers. By reducing physical stitching, improving the uniformity and consistency of color effects, reducing the failure rate, and improving the viewing angle, HiSi provides thee best audio-visual solutions and realize information real-time transmission and interaction, which could be widely used in showrooms, lecture halls, press conference rooms, meeting rooms, online meeting, online class and education demos etc.

Industry Applications

Distribution Center

Taking intelligent information and command technology as the core, providing the most professional intelligent LED display system, connecting with distribution centers, HiSi uses COB fine-pitch display, with modern communication technology and information management technology, fully demonstrates the visual operation command distribution platform, which could be widely used in Transportation, Public security, Internet monitoring and Military defense areas.

Industry Applications

Monitoring Center

Hisi Hi-Tech developed seamless combination technology and used it into COB fine-pitch display solutions. The solution could used as full day monitoring and provide exact information, then the prepared solutions would be fast used once this is any abnormal situation shown on the COB displays.

Industry Applications

TV Broadcasting Studio

With the advent of the 5G era, the demand for High-Definition and Ultra-Wide color gamut LED displays is also increasing. Close-up shots, slow motion playback and special effects scenes have a requirement for high color reproduction. HiSi Hi-Tech developed COB fine-pitch display solution has a good performance on above requirements and could be widely used in TV station, broadcasting studio and live broadcasting rooms etc.

Industry Applications

Army Command Center

Based on HiSi's unique optical processing technology, through point-to-point calibration technology and in-line optical film encapsulation and surface treatment technology, COB fine-pitch seamless combination advantage could fulfill the request of "Visualization", "Flat", "Intelligent" in Army Command Center daily management.

Smart City
Conference Room
Distribution Center
Monitoring Center
TV Broadcasting Studio
Army Command Center

Eight Characteristics

  • Eight protection

    Eight protection

    Super protective, anti knock, shock-proof, dust-proof, moisture-proof,Anti-salt spray,anti-static, front water-proof, oxidation resistant.

  • Ultra light and ultra-thin

    Ultra light and ultra-thin

    Integrated common cathode technology, the thickness of the cabinet is only 48±1mm, freely retractable wireless aviation plug, and supports dual backup of signal and PSU.

  • Super smooth

    Super smooth

    The ultra big unit board effectively reduces the physical seam,makes the unique flathess of module<0.1mm.

  • Super clear display

    Super clear display

    Unique point-to-point correction technogy with three-time optical processing autonomous algorithm,Super white blance and color consistency

  • High competitiveness

    High competitiveness

    Compared with the same piexl pitch products in the industry, HiSi COB display effect is softer and smoother,could compare with the smaller pixel pitch products.

  • Effective skills

    Effective skills

    Adopt common cathode technology, effective energy saving 30%, micro optical structure, effective energy saving 5%.

  • Low failure rate

    Low failure rate

    Pixel failure rate<10ppm.

  • Value for money

    Value for money

    Adopt the design of front magnetic installation and maintenance, the maintenance cost of the display and module is extremely low.

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Smart City
Conference Room
Distribution Center
Monitoring Center
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Army Command Center
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